Pastors, Elders, & Staff

Rob Danz

Lead Pastor/Elder

Pastor Rob and his wife Jennifer planted Antioch Community Church (formerly Restored) in 2007. Their heart for the broken comes from an overflow of how Jesus has restored their own lives. They have 5 kids (3 boys and 2 girls) and two dogs.

Jimmy Hutson

Family Ministry Pastor

Jimmy and his wife Courtney officially joined Antioch in 2016 when they relocated to Wichita from Dallas, Texas. They love to see students and families grow and follow Jesus and they also have a huge heart for missions. The Hutsons have two boys.

Kael Danz

Ministry Assistant - College/Young Adult, Youth, RDS

Kael is a passionate and spirit filled member of our team assisting in the over-site of our College and Young Adult ministries, Antioch Youth, and our Discipleship School. He is a graduate of the Antioch Discipleship School in Waco and a worship leader.

Brandy Yarnell

Ministry Assistant - Administration

Brandy is our talented administrative assistant and a founding member of Antioch. She is a gifted worship leader and heads up our offices and Giving Center. The Yarnells have 6 daughters.

Steve Simmon

Worship Leader / Elder

Steve and Stephanie have been here since day one. Steve is a gifted and spirit-led worship leader and loving elder. The Simmons are also involved in our missions team and have a heart for the nations. They have 5 daughters.

Jason Lavender


Jason and his wife Heidi are amazing people with a powerful story of beauty from ashes. They are gifted at helping people walk out of darkness and grow into lovers and followers of Jesus. They have 2 kids (1 boy and 1 girl).