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Miraculous Part 1: He Calms the Storms || Mark 4:35-41
June 9th, 2024

Part 1 of our new series "Miraculous" was titled "He Calms the Storms", based on Mark 4:35-41. The miracles of Jesus should speak loudly to us today because they glorify the Lord, they prove that He was God and the Messiah, they show His compassion for His people, and they are a sign of the redemption of the past and a foretaste of what is to come. Jesus is still doing miracles all around us. This week we looked at the text where Jesus miraculously calmed a storm that His disciples’ thought was going to destroy them. Jesus is with us in all the storms we encounter, and we make it through because He is with us and because of our destiny in Him.
Here is the latest audio sermon-cast from Antioch Wichita