The Antioch Training School is a life-changing experience for people of any age, background, vocation or season of life.

The purpose of the Training School is to provide a hands-on learning environment that empowers you to deepen your walk with God, walk in life-long fruitfulness, and discover your unique purpose in life. Simply put, Antioch Training Schools provide training for life on mission.

The Antioch Training School is an intense, fast paced, dedicated 10-month adventure where students discover spiritual identity, learn to walk in daily friendship and intimacy with Jesus, and embrace the values of the Kingdom of God.

 Classes meet weekly on Monday evenings and once a month on Saturday for an extended time. Although ATS is about training and development, it is not just an academic endeavor—it is a transformational life-journey lived out in the context of community. Regular class time is filled with passionate worship, dynamic speakers teaching the Word of God, and discipleship in small group settings called d-groups. In addition, the power and authority of the Kingdom of God are demonstrated and experienced in exciting encounters outside of the classroom known as Kingdom Activations.

During these 10-months, God will do a mighty work in and through you to: 
*  Discover the passionate love God has for you as your Father
*  Walk out in your true, spiritual identity in Christ
*  Develop a deeper intimacy with God and other believers
*  Read and study the Word of God in fresh new ways
*  Live out the values of the Kingdom of God, with a solid Biblical understanding
*  Learn how to hear the voice of God
*  Are filled with the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit
*  Serve our church and city with love and power
*  Become equipped and trained in the ministry style of Jesus.
*  Proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel of the Kingdom of God
*  Partner with God in what He is doing in the nations by participating in a two-week mission trip (not covered in your tuition)
For many years, thousands of students in Antioch Discipleship Schools around the country have been radically transformed as they have met with God and discovered His purposes for them in their next season of life. We know you can have the same powerful experience!


Application Process:
1)  Complete the online application. (link below)
2)  ATS staff reviews application and prayerfully considers each student.
3)  Set up an interview in person or over the phone to discuss the details of ATS and ask any questions.
4)  You receive an email or a phone call discussing your acceptance into the school.
Membership:  In order to attend The Antioch Training School, each student MUST be a member of Antioch Wichita or an Antioch Movement church. We strongly recommend students being members for 6 months before joining ATS. There are exceptions made for some students outside of Antioch Wichita, but attendance is mandatory here during the entire school year.

It's time to get started.
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