Life University is designed to help you create foundations for your life.

The Purpose behind the Antioch Life University

Life University serves to help you internalize your faith and practically apply it to your everyday life. We teach life courses on various topics where you can join people across our church family in our quarterly classes as we help create a foundation on which you can build your faith.

  • Obedience: Jesus calls us to be not only hearers of the Word, but doers
  • Transformation: Jesus calls us to an abundant sanctified life - this can only be found as we are changed through walking according to His ways
  • Mission: As we obey and are transformed, we inevitably influence our environment. A sanctified, joyful people will impact their families, their neighborhoods, and the nations.

  • Explanation: Courses designed to give hearers a Biblical foundation and worldview on various issues of life, identity, family etc. (HEAD)
  • Illustration: Courses designed to illustrate the beauty of God’s design and how He empowers us to follow it through the Holy Spirit. (HEART)
  • Application: Courses designed to be immediately put into practice - This won’t be for the faint of heart, but for those willing to lay it on the line to honor and obey Jesus. (HANDS)


Antioch Life University will officially launch in the Spring of 2023. Class schedule to be announced.